Reflection ponds

How do you make a reflection pond?
The first step would be to dig out a space for the pond. You must take your time in thinking where you want to put the pond in the garden since it is going to be there forever. The next step would be to lay down the underlayment for the pond and covering it with it. There will be some edges of the pond that will need to be hidden from the naked eye. Thus, put some stones there so nobody will be able to see it.

What does the reflecting pool symbolize?
There is a big reflecting pool in front of the Washington monument. It was put there for people to recognize its existence. When you look at the pool, as heating and cooling Sydney, you are going to see your reflection and the Washington monument. It was a great idea by whoever thought up of it. Since it is popular that way, you will most likely remember the Washington Monument even if you put reflecting pools at far away places. You never know what your imagination will lead you to take it but it will certainly be an awesome idea.

Why was the reflecting pool built?
It was built to give the garden a better look. Besides, reflecting pools are always nice when people look at them. Therefore, it would always be great wherever you put the reflection ponds. You may even be tempted to put several in your property as long as it is big. It will certainly increase its value and you will be able to sell it for a nice price one day.

What color is reflecting pond?
Some would always think it is blue but it is actually pantone. The color is what attracts people to look at it so better not overlook what color it is. If it was another color, it would probably have a different impact but you can’t tell whether people would like it or not.

How do you maintain a pond?
The first thing to remember would be to always clean it. When you see leaves land on it, you must take that away immediately. Yes, you must have the proper cleaning equipment to take those things out. It won’t take much effort in doing so anyway and it will be worth it when it looks clean. Once you notice any leaks in the pond, you must repair them immediately. If you don’t know how to do that, then you must call an expert.

Besides, you don’t want it to elevate into something that would cost you lots of money to repair. Also, when it is winter, the ice is going to be something else so better make an effort to control that or it is going to be impossible to do it when the time comes. Last but not the least, you must look at all the algae underneath the pond and see whether those things are growing or not as those things need to be controlled.