Garden Design

Having an impressive design in your garden is one of the epic desires that will add some glamour to your space. You can use structural or architectural plans to design your garden or to correct any flaws in your garden. This is because plants have some ornamental look.

How do you design a garden?


You should have speculation on the kind of garden that you want before focusing on various ways on how you can achieve it. You can outsource inspiration from magazines and catalogs or visiting places why get garden design ideas. The online platform also offers lots of designs with professional photography options that allow you to have a virtual idea on how you will remodel our garden.

Choose garden look

Choosing the way you want your garden to look is very essential. There are formal designs that are used in emphasizing your garden to look bigger through asymmetrical design on the boundaries.

Make a plan

It is ideal to plan the design of your garden using measurements and other tools that will help you to fix the structure points so that you get the best dimensions and design your garden. Ensure you have captured everything in your plan to avoid unnecessary mistakes.


The best garden design is to plant structural plants. Use the evergreen shrubs and pretty flowering plants to add some d├ęcor to your garden. Arrange them in a harmonious pattern to give it a perfect size.
Ensure you leave a wide berth on the pathway
The pathways should be wide enough for comfortable passage. Narrow spaces are very inconvenient since it makes it hard for two people to walk side by side.

How much does it cost to design a garden?

The cost of designing a garden is dependent on various variables such as the size of the garden, the elements to be included in the garden, and the fees that will be charged by the landscape designer, claimed garden designer Melbourne. The landscape design of your garden can cost approximately $1500.

What is the best garden design app?

The landscape design app is one of the best software tools that you can use in designing your garden. Here is one of the top-rated app

Sketch free

This app is mostly used by landscape designers and architects. The designs can be mailed out using 2D and 3D. It also allows rendering, editing, and remodeling. The good thing about this program is that it is user friendly which makes it easy to navigate. It slows you to exercise your creative skills in creating one of the best garden spaces.

Gardenas my Garden

This is yet another functional landscape app that is fun and user-friendly. It allows you to design your garden using a pre-designed template. You can also select decking, outdoor lighting, and water features. It is a very useful tool when it comes to customization of your garden.

Do you plan a garden design?

Planning for garden design is very important. It allows you to know everything that you need to execute your place so that you have the best garden. It is important to design alongside a professional who will be handy in giving you some of the best ideas. You can also utilize the apps because some come with some design template which makes it easy for you.

What are the principles of garden design?

The following are some of the principles of garden design


Enclosures are very vital when it comes to anchoring a garden. It gives it a long-lasting beauty since it creates a visually appealing garden.

Shape and form

The garden shapes can be used for different purposes because some have symbolic meanings. It works in creating some good moods and it also compliments your style.

Texture, Pattern, and Rhythm

This requires you to use recognizable motifs, surface characteristics which are vital elements in garden design. Repeated objects which are closely positioned create a rhythm.


Abundance is characterized by the generous use of plants to create a more distinct view. This presents a visual impact that plays a crucial role in maximizing the available space.


This involves creating a sense of excitement and curiosity in your garden. This heightens the sense of mood and sight. This stimulates emotional response which makes your garden appealing.


Garden design is one of the best remodeling ideas you can do in your garden. It changes the outlook of your Backyard.